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Tidl for Hiring

Tidl is a skills-based hiring platform, built for Millennials and Post-Millenials whose self-taught expertise and non-traditional work experiences cannot easily be summarized or displayed in a standard resume. In short, Tidl reimagines and invigorates the online resume and how the world discovers and showcases talent. The platform was featured by Product Hunt, Western University and Beta list on launch and received over 1000 sign up in the first week of launch.

What makes Tidl unique as compared to other contemporary CV platforms, like LinkedIn, is its ability to gather and interpret a broad range of information about users’ experiences, past projects, education, personality, and social network and then use these data to build an intricate and intuitive professional profile. This is achieved through artificial intelligence components with the help of IBM Watson (a cognitive system), and in-house machine learning algorithms, allowing the software to construct in-depth, searchable user profiles, which can be shared with colleagues and employers through a gorgeous, user-friendly interface. Ultimately, Tidl tries to match a user’s personality with a corresponding company culture and present the user with potential workplaces for which they’d be an excellent fit.

Interested in using Tidl?

Tidl for Hiring is currently not available publicly. However if you believe your organization or startup is a good fit for the platform please send us an email at hello [at] tidl [dot] co to start a conversation.